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Lucid Dream Pictures is photographer and filmmaker Julian Newman Turner

Photography, for me, is very much an art form, like a painting or a sculpture. Good photography is all about light and composition. Without light you have no picture and without composition you have a mere snapshot.


I've been taking photographs professionally for over 20 years but have also worked in 'visual arts' for over 30 years. I've worked as an actor and, more importantly, a director, and directing is very much about having a vision. The importance of understanding composition when staging a theatre production, as well as a knowledge of lighting to create atmosphere and visually interesting scenes, has been hugely valuable to me as a photographer and filmmaker.


I also believe that one of the secrets to a successful and exciting portrait shoot is the photographers ability to make his subject feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera; to get the right 'performance' from his subjects based on the style required. I feel my background has helped me enormously in developing these skills.

Photographer & Filmmaker Julian Newman Turner holding a Polaroid SX70 Camera

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